Barbara Hannigan opera conductor feature article

“Soprano Barbara Hannigan: ‘I like the alchemy of the rehearsal room’”: feature article in the Financial Times


Cooking and being on the road, Equilibrium and Roger Federer, the influence of a positive mindset: Shirley Apthorp of the Financial Times captured this glimpse into Barbara’s life on a bright afternoon in Paris.

a few excerpts: “Of course I can talk and cook,” she laughs. “I can sing and conduct. I can multitask.”
At first glance, cooking might seem an odd hobby for someone who spends a great deal more of her time travelling than she does at home. Now 48, she is tall, slender and muscular — not the kind of build you might expect of someone with a passion for food.

“If I eat in a restaurant every night for 11 months of the year, or get takeaway, I’d go crazy. And I wouldn’t be healthy. So I always stay in flats and cook for myself, and I encourage young singers to do the same.”

“I like the alchemy of the rehearsal room. I like it when people are making a lot of mistakes, and how everyone reacts differently, and recovers. I love how you can create an environment, and how you can bring in somebody who has been difficult or separate. I like that a lot.”

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photo credit: © Rebekka Deubner for the Financial Times