Socrate album release


Barbara Hannigan and Reinbert de Leeuw celebrate Erik Satie’s 150th birthday with a new recording, Socrate.

Hannigan De Leeuw Satie SocrateErik Satie’s 150th birthday on May 17, 2016 is a perfect opportunity to rediscover the works of this original and unique composer who was a friend of Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Léonide Massine, Man Ray, and a close friend of Jean Cocteau, all important figures of the avant-garde movement in Paris so beautifully captured by Woody Allen’s award-winning film Midnight in Paris.

For this Satie celebration year, Barbara Hannigan and pianist Reinbert de Leeuw recorded a selection of Erik Satie’s works on the Winter & Winter label. Socrate is the central focus of the album, heard alongside Trois Mélodies from 1886, Trois Autres Mélodies from 1886–1906, and Hymne from 1891.

In January 2016, Winter & Winter released Hannigan’s critically-acclaimed, Billboard-charting album let me tell you, composed by Hans Abrahamsen. She is world-renowned for her superb virtuosity and inspired artistry, having earned the highest praise from audiences and critics alike. Reinbert de Leeuw is a renowned interpreter of Erik Satie’s music, known for his unique tempi and timeless sounds. It seems like Erik Satie has written his songs specifically for these two artists!

Erik Satie’s life was full of tribulation, and he struggled with financial worries and health problems. In 1925, he died from prolonged alcohol abuse. But his music lives on, and with this stunning new release Barbara Hannigan and Reinbert de Leeuw allowing us experience the spirit of Erik Satie once again.

Hannigan de Leeuw Satie Socrate

Erik Satie Socrate

Trois Mélodies
Les Anges (á notre ami Charles Levadé)
Élegie (à Mademoiselle Céleste Le Prédour)
Sylvie (à Mademoiselle Olga Satie)

Trois Autres Mélodies
Chanson (à Mademoiselle Valentine de Bret)
Chanson médiévale
Les Fleurs

(Pour le “Salut Drapeau” du “Prince de Byzance” du Sâr Péladan)

Drame Symphonique en trois parties aux voix
Portrait de Socrate (from Plato’s Symposium)
Les Bords d’Illissus (from Plato’s Phaedrus)
Mort de Socrate (from Plato’s Phaedo)

Barbara Hannigan, soprano
Reinbert de Leeuw, piano

Label: Winter & Winter
CD: NMC D197
Intl. release: 08 April 2016

photo credit: Elmer de Haas


“Die beste Satie-CD, die man sich vorstellen kann!” – Wiener Zeitung

“Barbara Hannigan sings the songs of Erik Satie as if she’s sitting next to you, whispering and cooing across the kitchen table with sufficient breathiness, soft edges and exquisite spaciousness to match Reinbert de Leeuw’s sweet-melancholy piano chords.”
(4 out of 5 stars)
– The Guardian, 05 May 2016

“Und so sind Interpretationen von unwiderstehlicher Magie entstanden.” – Opernglas

(4 out of 5 stars) – NRC Handelsblad

“De Leeuw and Hannigan express with exceptional beauty and accuracy.”
(4 out of 5 stars) – Het Parool

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