let me tell you with London Symphony Orchestra


Hannigan is a natural phenomenon

rbb24.de, 12 September 2019

“This woman is a natural event – her voice, her stage presence – simply breathtaking. In no other work can you enjoy this more than in “Let me tell you”, a song cycle on the few words of Ophelia in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.”
“No one else can fetch these delicate, high notes from a hidden rift in the space-time continuum, thrusting them as if struggling for words, as was usual in Renaissance music, blossoming and dying again. No one else can make this last flicker of hope and passion and sad sadness so physically tangible. Finally, Ophelia’s footsteps in the snow – in a winter landscape of the soul.”

She embodies the Ophelia with unconditional claim

Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Jürg Huber, 11 September 2019

“The success of the work is also – and probably in the first place – due to the phenomenal soprano Barbara Hannigan, for whom Abrahamsen wrote the score. The fact that there are no limits to her voice, one that is familiar to the Lucerne audiences from performances in recent years. She embodies Ophelia with unconditional claim and leads her soprano effortlessly from deep depths to the highest heights.”

banner photo: Peter Fischli / Lucerne Festival

HANS ABRAHAMSEN let me tell you
Barbara Hannigan and the London Symphony Orchestra, Sir Simon Rattle conducting

09 September 2019 – Lucerne Festival
11 September 2019 – Berliner Festspiele

photos: https://www.facebook.com/BarbaraHanniganOfficialPage/