DVD release: Lulu


“Pour sa première Lulu, Barbara Hannigan entre aussitôt dans l’histoire: non seulement parce qu’elle danse sur les pointes et habite son rôle par tous les pores de la peau, mais parce qu’elle le chante avec une aisance, une virtuosité et des couleurs qu’on ne connaît à aucune autre aujourd’hui. Cette femme doit venir d’une autre planète.”
– Christian Merlin, Le Figaro, October 23, 2012

Release date: 13 October 2014
Label: Bel Air Classiques
Available: Amazon | Presto Classic


The nuptials of eros and thanatos unveil their irresistible attraction in this second opera of Alban Berg who, following Wozzeck, describes the sometimes bright and often bestial intensity of human relations. Intoxicatingly enigmatic and deadly for those close to her, Lulu’s secret goes with her unto death. From the folly of love to the humiliation of vulgarity, she incites the excess. She unhinges reality… Frank Wedekind’s work provided fertile ground for the composer to create this striking opera, considered one of the major works of the 20th century, but which remained unfinished due to his untimely death in 1935.

After his production of Médée (DVD & Blu-ray Bel Air Classiques), Krzysztof Warlikowski once again delves the innermost depths of the human psyche and chooses to tackle Lulu as a deeply moving requiem ‘to the memory of an angel’. Paul Daniel is conducted the Orchestre symphonique de la Monnaie and canadian soprano Barbara Hannigan gives a tremendous, never-to-be-forgotten account of the title role.